A Few Tips for Keeping Your Luggage Safe on a Flight

During your vacation, you should be enjoying yourself, not worrying about stolen luggage. You might be planning a flight to New Orleans, Atlantic City, Orlando, or anywhere else Bluegreen Resorts offers an exciting getaway, but the same tips for keeping your bags safe will help you enjoy your vacation with much more peace of mind.

Many travel experts point out that checking your bag doesn’t necessarily guarantee the security of your possessions. A few recent news stories have uncovered airline staff, baggage handlers, and Transportation Security Administration agents who have stolen passengers’ belongings. Some airlines require checked bags to remain unlocked. Adding a TSA-approved lock or special luggage strap can minimize theft by non-TSA personnel, but it will not protect against theft by a rogue TSA employee. Consider taking only carry-on luggage on your flight, and keep your carry-on with you whenever possible.

If you must travel with irreplaceable or expensive items, keep them in your carry-on or handbag. Try to board your plane early to avoid a gate check, which may occur if your bags will not fit in the cabin and the airline must check your baggage into the hold on the spot. In addition, when you place your carry-on in the overhead bin, turn it so that zippers and fastenings face inward. This position makes it more difficult for a dishonest fellow passenger to access your belongings.

Keep your bags in sight while going through security, even while they are undergoing the routine scanning process. Thefts have occurred between the time passengers leave their bags on the conveyer belt and when they claim them after proceeding through the security checkpoint.

Finally, you may love the look of designer luggage, but realize that the cachet can have a cost, because thieves may be more likely to target bags that appear expensive. On the other hand, plain black bags blend in with the crowd, so you’re better off with a less-expensive but distinctive bag that would be hard for a thief to conceal.