Thrill to the History of the Titanic in Branson, Missouri

Did you know that visitors who stay with Bluegreen Resorts at The Falls Village in Branson, Missouri, have the chance to visit the legendary luxury ocean liner “R.M.S. Titanic?” Branson, named by Fodor’s Travel as one of the best family vacation destinations, is home to the Titanic Museum Attraction, a walk-through replica of the ship whose tragic fate has inspired retellings in numerous books and movies.

The museum is devoted to memorializing the fates of the more than 2,000 passengers and crew who embarked on the real Titanic’s ill-fated maiden voyage in April 1912. Learn about what life was like on board when you receive a boarding pass that replicates one carried by an actual passenger or crewmember. You’ll follow the journey of this individual throughout your visit, at the end of which you will discover his or her ultimate fate in the museum’s Memorial Room.

The Titanic Museum Attraction features an exact replica, which cost $1 million to construct, of the ship’s elegant Grand Staircase. More than $4 million-worth of actual artifacts from the ship have been incorporated into the museum experience. Your exploration of the museum may take you to the boiler room, where you’ll have a chance to shovel coal. You can also learn to operate the communications equipment and send out an “S.O.S.” distress code, feel the shifting of the deck as the ship lurches downward, sit in a lifeboat, and touch an iceberg to see just how icy-cold 28-degree water can be.

Visitors to the museum have remarked on its value as a tool for teaching history, its suitability for a wide range of ages, and the dedication of the museum’s staff to providing an exceptional learning experience. Titanic Museum Attraction owner John Joslyn served as one of the leaders of the 1987 expedition that explored and filmed the newly discovered Titanic’s wreckage. He later co-produced the popular television special Return to the Titanic – Live!

The Branson museum is sister to a similar one located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee—which just happens to be the location of another Bluegreen Resorts vacation property.