A World of Wonders in Big Sky, Montana

Big SkyVisit Lake Condominiums at Big Sky, the Bluegreen Resorts vacation property in Big Sky, Montana, and experience the wide-ranging beauty of the Treasure State. Ringed by three mountains, Lake Condominiums is surrounded by more than 3,000 acres that hold possibilities for numerous outdoor activities. The area around the town of Big Sky is filled with opportunities for Bluegreen Resorts members to go skiing, horseback riding, fishing and hunting, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and engage in other sports that the entire family can enjoy. In addition, the Big Sky country of southwest Montana is also home to rodeos, Norris Hot Springs, Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park, the Gallatin National Forest, and Yellowstone National Park. The land has a rich history of explorers, gold rush prospectors, and cowboys, all of which are frequently depicted in the art exhibitions that are a popular feature of the community.

Yellowstone National Park, the oldest of the country’s national parks, possesses the world’s largest concentration of hydrothermal land features amid a region that has stayed volcanically active for millions of years. The park is surrounded by five national forests and contains a mountain made of black obsidian, numerous valleys carved out by the movement of glaciers, and extensive fossil forests. Bluegreen Resorts visitors can experience Yellowstone in a snowcoach or on skis in winter or by bike or in the comfort of a tour bus in summer. With its main entrance only 48 miles from Big Sky, an exploration of Yellowstone should be a central item on any Bluegreen Resorts member’s vacation itinerary. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone offers guests an encounter with sheltered bears and wolves unadapted to life in the wild. Visitors can also help hide food for the grizzlies, or take an educational tour to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent animals.

Lewis & Clark Caverns was Montana’s first state park. Located in the town of Whitehall, it offers stunning limestone caverns filled with columns, stalagmites, stalactites, and bats. Lighted for visitor safety during the standard two-hour tour, the caverns also feature a Beaver Slide for children. Bluegreen Resorts families can set up camp within the park and enjoy canoeing, hunting, fishing, and bird watching.

On the way to the Lewis & Clark Caverns, Bluegreen Resorts members can visit Norris Hot Springs. Another of Montana’s geothermal wonders, the springs is minutes from the Madison River, and the trip will take drivers along some of the state’s most scenic routes. Bluegreen Resorts guests can enjoy relaxing in the springs while watching local wildlife and listening to a musical serenade every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Guests can also have a healthy meal on-site. The owners grow their own organic produce and offer fish, salads, lasagnas, burgers, and other popular menu items at the springs’ restaurant.

The southwestern part of Montana offers a wide variety of guided outdoor excursions for Bluegreen Resorts visitors, including backpacking, rafting, zip lining, and even trekking with llamas. Some expeditions feature overnight stays in Yellowstone National Park. A winter weekend can be filled with cross-country skiing, travel by dogsled or sleigh, a Thai or Italian meal at a local gourmet restaurant, and a soothing soak in a hot tub.