Peoria Arizona

When you stay at Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, Bluegreen Resorts’ vacation property in the Phoenix, Arizona, suburb of Peoria, you’ll enjoy opportunities to have a spa massage or facial, splash in a water slide pool, or just relax before your next adventure. The Phoenix area, often called “the Valley of the Sun,” offers a variety of outdoor activities and an array of shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

Phoenix is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation, and includes the suburbs of Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Glendale, home of the Arizona Cardinals’ University of Phoenix Stadium and the annual post-college-season Fiesta Bowl. The city’s skyline combines the sight of sleek, towering office buildings and the distinctive shape of Camelback Mountain. The South Central region of Arizona is home to a desert climate at an average elevation of 1,200 feet. From November through April, the most popular tourist season, temperatures are at their most moderate, and sunny days abound.

Take a day trip to fall in love with the desert around you through rock-climbing, speeding over the terrain in a desert buggy, or visiting one of the world’s most famous natural wonders on a tour of the Grand Canyon. Numerous tour companies offer single-day or overnight packages that include transportation from Phoenix to the Canyon. Some feature side trips to the red rocks of Sedona or a few hours devoted to appreciating local Navaho culture and artwork.

Carved over millions of years by the force of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is among earth’s deepest gorges, averaging a full mile in depth. Even today, tourists can find the fossils of fish and corals swept along by the river. Some of the canyon’s stone formations are among the oldest in the world. Its walls present a rainbow of reds, yellows, browns, and grays, and the colors and shadows shift with the course of the sun across the sky to present some of the most striking views you will ever see. Visit the picturesque and easily accessible South Rim, hike down through the gorge, or retrace the route of famous 19th century explorer John Wesley Powell, who rafted his way down the river as it ran through the canyon.

If you enjoy boat cruises, hop on board the Desert Belle, a double-decker boat with a snack bar, for an informative guided tour of Lake Saguaro. Finish your day with dinner at the Lakeshore Restaurant, which offers a special children’s menu and weekly fish and chips specials.

The Phoenix area also affords Bluegreen Resorts visitors the chance to experience a wealth of historic, artistic, and cultural wonders. Drive a few hours to the town of Bisbee and explore the remnants of the gold, silver, copper, and lead mines and visit today’s thriving artists’ colony, complete with a historical museum. And the mid-20th century Bisbee Lavender Pit Mine, easily seen from the road, now offers public tours. The Heard Museum, in downtown Phoenix, affords rich glimpses into the region’s Native American past through exhibitions of art, jewelry, and photography, as well as interactive learning experiences and performances.