Find a World of Entertainment in Atlantic City, New Jersey

At the Bluegreen Resorts vacation property Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Bluegreen Resorts owners can experience all the gaming, boardwalk fun, shopping, dining, and entertainment that make the city among the world’s most beloved destinations. Vacationers can visit the streets made famous in the Monopoly board game and enjoy saltwater taffy and other snacks as they stroll along the Boardwalk and watch the ocean waves.

You can visit Absecon Lighthouse, which is among the tallest lighthouses in the United States.

The Atlantic City Aquarium houses more than 100 marine creatures, including jellyfish, Moray eels, troops of seahorses, and an octopus. Bluegreen Resorts visitors can drop by the Touch Tank to pet hermit crabs, shrimp, and sea urchins, or visit the 23,000-gallon tank that is home to some of New Jersey’s distinctive aquatic specimens, such as kingfish, sand tiger sharks, and northern stingrays.

The Atlantic City area offers Bluegreen Resorts travelers access to such other attractions as wineries, golf courses, famous-brand outlet malls, and spas. They can visit the Cape May County Park and Zoo, the Dante Hall Theater of the Arts and its children’s theater, the Civil Rights Garden, and Atlantic City Miniature Golf. Bluegreen Resorts owners can soak up local lore when they learn about the history of Monopoly, Mr. Peanut, and the Miss America Pageant at the Atlantic City Historical Museum.

As a major tourist hub, Atlantic City offers Bluegreen Resorts owners far more than gaming. Gardner’s Basin, once a nexus for rum smuggling during the days of Prohibition, now serves as a launching place for a variety of boat tours. Former fishing shacks in the area now house craft shops and venues such as the Atlantic City Surf School.