5 Things You Need to Experience in the St. Pete Beach Area

Kayaks in St. Petersburg. The tour company offers guided or self-guided kayak trips through Weedon Island Preserve, a pristine area with lush mangroves and plenty of wildlife. The relaxing, two- to five-hour trips are available during the day or night. On a customized expedition, you can also kayak on the Suwannee River, visit the Everglades, or venture outside US waters.

RumFish Grill

shrimp scampiLocated on Gulf Boulevard in St. Pete Beach, RumFish Grill combines aquatic-themed entertainment with high-quality dining and shopping. RumFish Grill specializes in delicious seafood, but the grill’s primary attraction is a full-wall aquarium that was built by the professionals on Tanked, Animal Planet’s hit TV series.

In the 33,500 gallon tank, there is a wide range of fish native to the Gulf of Mexico, including grouper and a 4-foot moray eel. The aquarium is also home to coral habitats and another 20 species of fish, such as spotted trout, redfish, and snook. Informative displays offer more details about featured marine life, and educational tours are available for a more in-depth experience.

Beach Escape Game

For a one-of-a-kind interactive experience just off St. Pete Beach, visit Beach Escape Game and test your wits against a small group of family members or friends. You have one hour to solve puzzles, collaborate with your teammates, and crack codes to escape from one of the center’s themed rooms.

When you play in the Lost Treasure room, you are tasked with searching a ship wreck and finding the lost treasure sought by Captain Eli Godsey. If you don’t find the treasure in 60 minutes, you might have to walk the plank! Beach Escape also features a Honky Tonk room and an Espionage room.

Water Sports

With warm waters and consistent gulf breezes, St. Pete Beach is the perfect place to learn a new water sport, such as kiteboarding (also called kitesurfing or flysurfing). The Best Pro-Kiteboarding Center is a gear rental and instruction facility in St. Pete Beach that offers lessons taught by certified kitesurfing instructors. After completing the in-person instructional courses, students receive an ID card that states their ability level.

The smooth waters around St. Pete Beach are also ideal for stand-up paddle boarding. With Water Monkey, a stand-up paddle boarding company located 10 minutes from St. Pete Beach, you can rent gear, take an introductory lesson, and book a nature tour. The lessons are taught by professional instructors who cover the paddling boarding basics, from standing up on the board to using the paddle properly. On the two-hour guided nature tour, you can explore the beautiful Fort De Soto Park and encounter one of the most spectacular bird sanctuaries in Florida.

The Dali Museum

dali museumThe Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is one of the main attractions in the central Gulf coast area. Just 20 minutes away from St. Pete Beach, the museum features the work of the celebrated artist Salvador Dali, who is renowned for his unusual and highly technical sculptures, paintings, and interactive pieces. Many credit the Spanish artist with sensationalizing surrealism and pioneering a new era of creative expression.

At the museum, the galleries on the third floor display some of Dali’s paintings and other work, while the second floor houses an extensive library. The first floor has a theater, an art classroom, and a shop with a wide range of Dali-inspired merchandise.

A helical staircase in the museum also references Dali’s fascination with spirals and the double helical shape of DNA molecules. Outside the building, you can explore a labyrinth and meander through the Mathematical Garden, which examines the connection between nature and math.