The Kennedy Space Center – A Journey Beyond Imagination

Enjoy a vacation close to Sea World in Orlando, Florida, at The Fountains, a comfortable Bluegreen Resorts vacation getaway. Or stay with Bluegreen through Orlando’s Sunshine Resort, located only a few minutes away from Universal Studios Florida and numerous other attractions. Either way, you’ll enjoy a gateway to a wealth of fine dining, shopping, and touring experiences. You’ll also be a short drive away from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, one of the most exciting day trips you will find on Earth.

At the Center, you’ll see the retired space shuttle Atlantis, which is positioned several dozen feet off the ground and at a 43.21-degree tilt designed to allow you to view its space dust-encrusted frame just as the astronauts who manned it once did. You can learn more by checking out the interactive displays surrounding the shuttle, which is set against the thrilling expanse of a 40-foot long digitally animated background that offers the illusion of floating in space. The shuttle’s open bay doors and extended robotic arm complete the realism of the simulation.

A typical bus tour through the Center can take four hours, but the time will pass by quickly as you stop at indoor and outdoor places of interest in the NASA compound. The tour includes a look at the surrounding wilderness area, the Vehicle Assembly Building, and the Apollo/Saturn V Center, complete with its replica “firing room” and a real, 30-story-high Saturn V rocket ship. You can also visit the Observation Gantry, where you’ll have a view of a pair of shuttle and Apollo mission launch pads and learn the logistics involved in traveling into space. For an additional fee, you can even take the Up Close tour of the launch area.

Among the other highlights of your time at the Space Center, you can experience what experts call the closest simulation available of a real shuttle launch, a 3-D IMAX theater showing footage filmed by astronauts and by the Hubble Space Telescope. You may even have an opportunity to enjoy a limited-seating luncheon with an astronaut.