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Welcome to the Bluegreen Resorts Destinations page.  The information here can assist Bluegreen Resorts owners in making travel plans all over the United States and Caribbean. Bluegreen Resorts offers vacation experiences in popular locales such as New York City, Orlando, Atlantic City, the Ozarks and Smokies, Hawaii and Las Vegas. Bluegreen Resorts owners interested in history may enjoy locations such as Williamsburg, Virginia, and Savannah, Georgia. Bluegreen also offers resorts in destinations that are especially suited to family vacations, such as the water park-rich area around Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. will provide extensive information about each of these resorts, along with insights into the best places for dining, shopping, and entertainment, in each vacation destination.

This website will also help owners discover the range of outdoor and indoor activities that distinguish each Bluegreen Resorts destination. From skiing or whitewater rafting in Boyne Falls, Michigan, to historical tours of New Orleans, to the glittering nightlife of Miami Beach, there are vacation memories waiting to be made for the families, couples, and individual adventure travelers that make up Bluegreen Resorts’ ownership base. You will learn about some of the best places to go for travel discounts, and read advice on finding just the right tour guide or exploration package deal. Additionally, you can find out just how locals in each region navigate their cities and choose the best entertainment and shopping experiences. Enjoy the best theme parks, lake fishing, spas, farmer’s markets, beach gear boutiques, and more, simply by visiting this website and benefiting from all the in-depth research you will find. Also take advantage of the tips and advice posted here to truly live like a local while you’re on vacation, perhaps resulting in more cost savings than originally anticipated.

In addition to coverage of well-known, must-see tourist sites such as Walt Disney World, this site will offer ideas for plenty of off-the-beaten-path activities for you and your family. Whether your favorite sport takes place outdoors or indoors, Bluegreen Destinations will present glimpses of how much fun you can have on a jet ski off the coast of Aruba, or an afternoon of bargain-hunting in some of New York City’s finest boutiques.

  • 7 Ways to Have Fun without Gambling in Atlantic City

    Most of the 27 million people who visit Atlantic City each year come to gamble. However, if you are one of those looking for entertainment outside of the casinos, there is still plenty to do and see.

    Check out the following list for some ideas on where to go:

    1. The Boardwalk

    Lined with beaches, resorts, and five-star restaurants, the Boardwalk is a great place to do some serious people watching. The four-mile stretch, which dates back to 1870, is in walking distance to beaches, where you can surf or bask in the sun. Each night, the Moment’s Factory lights up the Boardwalk

  • 5 Activities to Do in the Great Smoky Mountains

    Escaping from the city for a week-long vacation in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains can be a revitalizing experience. Detach yourself from modern technologies to relax and reconnect with nature by staying in Pigeon Forge, an area just outside the mountains that offer numerous activities to keep you busy.

    The following list is only a sample of things you can do:

    1. Zip Lining

    ziplineSee the Smoky Mountains and its waterfalls by taking a ride on a zip line. Several companies, such as Smoky Mountain Ziplines and Canopy Tours, CLIMB Works, and Waterfall Canopy Zipline,

  • How to Enjoy Every Moment of Vacation in Boyne Falls

    Offering breathtaking scenery in every season, Boyne Falls, Michigan, attracts visitors from around the nation to Bluegreen Resorts at Mountain Run at Boyne™. The resort’s cozy and contemporary villas are coupled with luxurious amenities, including an indoor hot tub and fitness center. Featuring Chalet-style architecture and glowing fireplaces, Mountain Run at Boyne™ will make you wonder if you’re in Michigan or the Swiss Alps.

    While Boyne Falls is well known for being a winter wonderland and the top ski destination in the Midwest, there are a number of other activities to enjoy in the area, from zipline adventures to